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Riyal Electrical is one of the leading Rubber cable suppliers in the UAE. Known for supplying a global range of rubber flexible cables manufactured with the ever-changing circumstances and international safety standards in mind.

These kinds of Rubber flexible cables are most often made of heavy-duty variety. Which are further sheathed with rubber that forms a thick layer around the core allowing them to withstand the mechanical stress caused due to industrial and construction surroundings. Take, for instance, the rubber cable suppliers most recommended and the highly popular model of rubber flexible cable, HO7RN-F. These cables offer a heavy-duty flexible power supply for easy power transmissions across its usage verticals.

This particular flexible cable is created from a robust and durable rubber material. In which a tight core design allows this cable to resist extreme conditions ranging from heat generated by industrial machines to cold, damp, and even completely wet conditions in underwater power equipment.
Furthermore, these cables have a high heat threshold along with water resistance quality that makes the rubber flexible cable a reliable choice both for large industrial boilers and heating plates. One of the most requested products from the flexible rubber cable portfolio is – the HO7RN-F. It is strong enough to resist severe tension and whiplash which makes it the preferred option for machines with high levels of vibration such as circular saws and drills. Another advantage that makes the rubber cable very popular in industrial settings is its oil-resistant property. Due to this the mechanical, automobile, and petrochemical industry can all benefit from using these cables.

This type of cable has a standard electrical potential of 450V/700V, but may also be used at 0.6 – 1 kilovolt in major motor power supplies and some fixed installations. The maximum operating temperature for rubber flexible cables is 85ºC while its minimum operating temperature is – 25ºC. According to the core number, there are several types of rubber flexible cords: single core with a radius of up to 300mm2, 3 core up to 25mm2, 4 with 120mm2, and 5 core with a radius of 50mm2.

These Rubber flexible cables are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications such as mobile power supplies, audiovisual setups, light, and heavy-duty equipment for on and off construction sites, etc.

Application and benefits

  1. Ideal for heavy duty and high-temperature power supply.
  2. Used to transmit power to buildings and electronic appliances at large.
  3. Installations with moving equipment and mobile power supplies.
  4. Refrigerating installation or cold environment.
  5. Oil-resistance, heat-resistance, and submersible pumps.
  6. A wide range of industrial applications.
  7. Ozone resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor fittings.

A combination of the most reliable rubber cable suppliers in Dubai and the flexibility of these rubber cables makes it an ideal choice to withstand a high degree of wear-and-tear to sustain in any given environment.

With a strong presence as the electrical suppliers in Dubai since 1999, we are dedicated to cater to each customer with an extensive range of wires, including Armoured Cables & Single Cores Supplier, Pvc flexible wires and instrumentation cables.

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