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Riyal Electrical: Your Premier Choice for GI Slotted Channels and Strut Channels in Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to dependable electrical solutions, Riyal Electrical stands as a distinguished electrical cables supplier in Saudi Arabia. We’re also a trusted manufacturer of GI slotted channels and a prominent supplier of strut channels in Saudi Arabia, along with their related accessories.

We supply strut channels and associated goods in Saudi Arabia as a leading manufacturer of GI slotted channels.

Riyal Electricals, which supplies GI conduit pipe, GI flexible pipe, and cable ties throughout Saudi Arabia, is the go-to company for a wide range of industrial needs.

Our firm is committed to being Saudi Arabia’s leading strut channel maker by providing cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize support and flexibility in a number of scenarios. Our GI slotted channels, also known as strut channels, are designed with the same precision as our conduit pipes to provide unrivaled stability and versatility.

Our GI slotted channels in Saudi Arabia have a perforated metal base that allows for flush anchoring to concrete, ceilings, walls, floors, and steelwork, stressing utility above looks. For a secure fit, these channels are intended to work with certain strut bolts as well as U-shaped and Z-shaped fittings.

We provide two weight classes of GI slotted channel to fulfill the needs of a wide range of applications: heavy and light. These channels have a typical length of 3 meters but may be adjusted after installation to accommodate a broad range of configurations. One of the most striking features of our slotted metal channels is their quick connection times.

These channels have proven their effectiveness in a range of scenarios, ranging from industrial to residential construction. The low cost can be justified by the fact that they only require minimal knowledge to set up. Their ability to adapt to changing circumstances will most likely increase their worth over time.

At Riyal Electricals, our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of our offerings, including our role as a GI conduit pipe supplier, a GI pvc flexible pipe supplier, and a cable tie supplier in Saudi Arabia

Riyal Electrical is delighted to be Riyadh’s go-to provider for GI slotted channels, and its products consistently meet or exceed industry requirements. Our knowledgeable team assures the long-term viability of our GI slotted channels in Saudi Arabia. You may rely on our products to support your efforts. 

We urge you to browse our vast inventory to learn more about how the quality, flexibility, and reliability of our goods may help your efforts. 


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