Electrical Cables Supplier in Saudi Arabia

Electrical Cables Supplier in Saudi Arabia

Power Up Your Projects with the Leading Electrical Cables Supplier in Saudi Arabia!

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GI Slotted Channels in Saudi Arabia

Our GI Slotted Channels were created to make cable tie installation and straight lines easier. Because galvanized steel is very corrosion-resistant, these channels may be utilized both indoors and outdoors. They may be utilized for wire management in a number of settings, including walls, floors, and ceilings, because they feature slots.

GI Conduit Pipe in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to protecting electrical wiring from environmental elements and mechanical damage, our GI Conduit Pipes are the go-to solution. Because they are made of galvanized iron, these pipes will last a long time and will not rust or corrode. Our GI Conduit Pipes may be used in any type of construction, from homes to commercial and industrial facilities.

GI PVC Flexible Pipe in Saudi Arabia

For projects that require a bendable and adaptable conduit system, our GI PVC Flexible Pipes are the perfect choice. Combining the strength of galvanized iron with the flexibility of PVC, these pipes enable easy installation around corners and tight spaces. They offer exceptional protection for electrical cables while reducing the risk of kinks or breaks, ensuring an efficient and reliable electrical infrastructure.

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Cable Tie in Saudi Arabia

Cable Glands

Efficient cable management is vital for any electrical project, and our Cable Ties provide the ideal solution. Crafted from high-quality materials, these ties ensure secure and organized bundling of cables, preventing tangling and promoting a neat and professional appearance. They come in various lengths and strengths to cater to diverse applications, from simple home use to complex industrial setups.

As one of the top electrical suppliers in Saudi Arabia, we offer an extensive range of products, including rubber cables, PVC flexible cables, XLPE armored cables, PVC conduits, and many more. We are committed to providing our customers with value-added services and helping them to grow their businesses.

We offer genuine electrical supplies from industry-leading suppliers, serving customers nationwide, including Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, and Dammam. Contact Riyal Electrical Trading LLC for your project needs and discover why we’re the top choice for electrical supplies in the UAE.

Electrical Cable Supplier in Saudi Arabia

Looking for a reliable, low-cost supplier of electrical wires in Saudi Arabia? We have all of your electrical supply needs covered; we have it all.

In addition to the rest of our electrical items, we have power, control, and instrumentation cables. As a team, we have everything we need to achieve any goal. Because of our low pricing and large assortment, we have been Saudi Arabia’s favored supplier of electrical items.

PVC Cables Manufacturer and Supplier Saudi Arabia

At Riyal Electrical ,We are pleased to provide excellent PVC cables that may be tailored to fit the requirements of a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

We are Saudi Arabia’s top PVC cable tray manufacturer because we utilize cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to assure the security, lifespan, and quality of our products. Our PVC cables can withstand the elements in power plants, refineries, construction sites, and other locations.

Rubble Cables Manufacturer and supplier Saudi Arabia

Riyal Electricals is unsurpassed in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality rubber cables in Saudi Arabia. Because rubber cables are so valuable in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, we take great care to make them using only the finest materials and cutting-edge technology.

We are the top supplier of rubber cables in Saudi Arabia, and our vast inventory comprises single-core, multi-core, and flat cables. Our rubber cables may be used in any location, such as an oil and gas plant, a building site, or a maritime environment.

XLPE Armoured Cables

At Riyal Electricals, On the market, we have the best XLPE-insulated cables. They are designed to survive in the most demanding environments and may be used in a variety of commercial and industrial situations. We manufacture our XLPE armored cables using only the best quality raw materials and cutting-edge gear, making us the chosen source in Saudi Arabia. 

We provide a variety of armoring options for single-core and multi-core XLPE armored cables, including steel wire armoring (SWA) and steel tape armoring (STA). Before they leave our warehouse, all of our XLPE armored cables go through a variety of stringent testing. Our XLPE armored cables are heat, moisture, and mechanical stress resistant, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

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